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Do you want a guaranteed and healthy diet?

You don't have to worry about what you'll eat in your meals. We will offer you delicious recipes for each meal. Your monthly meal plan will be customized for you, Depending on your family's needs and preferences, To please all the people who eat!

All our diets are...

Dedicated to you and customised for your needs

Approved by certified nutritionists and culinary experts

Based on the necessary calorie system taking into account your sensitivity to foods and diseases if any

Subscription Plan

How we plan your diet?

1. Select and Allocate

Choose the type of mealthat matches your lifestyle and health goals. Customize it according to your taste and sensitivity to the food.

2. Get your monthly meal plan

Get your monthly meal plan designed for you, And make your life easier, Keep healthy the right way. You can make last-minute adjustments to your meal plan.

3. Shop, Cook and enjoy.

Save time and money while shopping. Enjoy healthy meals and enjoy it!

Special offer for groups

199 SAR

* Limited offer for a limited number of groups per month

What Subscribers Say about us?

Good evening A very successful experience. I used to eat healthy and loved my new look a lot and God willing I will continue all my life on the health system that I learned from SunriseDiet

I thank and appreciate SunriseDiet for my experience with her in the program. I benefited from it in changing my body during the program and my weighed was 82 kg and went down to 72 kg. This also helped me to ease the pain in my back and I hope to continue on this program and continue to achieve the goal I aspire to.

After looking at the site through a relative, I participated in the program for nearly two months. I had lower back aches and used a lot of treatments and medications.
When I decided to participate in the SunriseDiet program I weighed 96 kg but thankfully after the first, second, third and fourth week the weight went down in a thoughtful and balanced manner and now I weighed 87.8 (down about 8.2 kg) and I am now 2 kg of the intended weight.